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First Pizza Buffett Night and Benefit for Bryan Grimm

This past Friday was our first Pizza Buffett Night and it was joined with a fundraiser for Bryan Grimm who is battling cancer.

Cheyenne Moose Lodge

This event was in conjunction with our first Pizza Buffet Night and was a huge fact so much so that within 30 minutes all of the home backed pizza was GONE.

Kitchen staff scrambled and pretty much bought out all the local hot & ready pizza nearby to accommodate and feed the great crowd that showed up to support Bryan.

We went through 156 pizzas!!

The fundraising event also included a silent action which also went very well. Its our understanding that nearly $12,000 was raised in support for Bryan!!

Thank you to everyone at the moose that helped us with the fundraiser for Bryan Grimm

Jackie , Gina, Lana, Bruce, Kimmie, Amanda, Willie, John, Lois, Terry. We were successful because of you.

Windy and Val Grimm

David and Arlene Flood

Bryan and Lisa Grimm

Thank you

Arlene Flood

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