Lodge #257


William Stackhouse

Junior Governor

Robert Pate


Shawn Timm

Trustee III

Nathan Blea

Trustee I

Frank Scott Duncan

Trustee II

Don "Trigger" Mathewson

Junior Past Governor

CJ McCutchen


Dean Straub

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Governor History


William Baldwin 2018-19

Ben Adkison 2017-2018

Mr. Clyde (CJ) McCutchen 2015-16

John Dennison  2014-15

Hollis Hunt  2013-14

Bruce Boehlke  2012-13

Michael Graham  2011-12

Benjaman Adkison  2010-11

Bob Wagner  2009-10

Philip Reed  2008-09

Philip Reed  2007-08

Dean Straub  2006-07

Timothy Cheser  2005-06

Tom Davis  2005-06

Ronald Hape  2004-05

Michael Quinlivan  2003-04

Michael Quinlivan  2002-03

Fred Volz  2002-03

Tom Davis  2001-02

Fred Volz  2000-01

Gerry Gipfert  1999-00

James Wakefield  1998-99

James Harnish  1997-98

Floyd D Bassett  1997-98

Edwin Ragels  1996-97

Roy Stewart Sr.  1996-97

Floyd D Bassett  1995-96

Fred Volz  1994-95

Roy Stewart Sr.  1993-94

Thomas Niemann  1992-93

Robert Herb  1991-92

Roy Stewart Sr.  1990-91

Thomas Cowley  1989-90

Ivan Flanary  1988-89

William Ferguson Jr.  1987-88

Edwin Ragels  1986-87

WOTM Chapter #1133

Junior Graduate Regent

Cheryl Timm

Senior Regent

Gina Lujan

Junior Regent

Laura Pate


Lana Hendricks


Heather Kauffman


Melody Darby

Higher Degrees

Kelli Adkison


Kristi Powers


Glenda Straub

Application Review Committee

Glenda Straub

Community Service

Terri Moye



Linda Landon

Assistant Guide


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Senior Regent History


Laura Pate - 2018-19

Vera Lightfoot 2017-18

Lana Hendricks   2016-17

Kimberly Helberg  2015-16

Lana Hendricks  2014-15

Cheryl Verplancke  2013-14

Gina Lujan  2012-13

Kelli Adkison  2011-12

Ms.Kimberly Elfering  2010-11

Carolyn Vick  2009-10

Karen Kester  2008-09

Kay Underwood  2007-08

Mildred Magnan  2006-07

Helen Wagner  2005-06

Diana Spence  2004-05

Mary Cathcart  2003-04

Linda Dugan  2002-03

Wanda Bolejack  2001-02

Shirley Osterman  2000-01

Diana Spence  1999-00

Rita Graven  1998-99

Diana Spence  1997-98

Clara Todd  1996-97

Wanda Bolejack  1995-96

Mary Jobes  1994-95

Diana Spence  1993-94

Melodee Marienthal  1992-93

Nancy Bassett  1991-92

Marnie Harnish  1990-91

Sue Gronquist  1989-90

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