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Community Service * Kid’s Day at Big Country Speedway

Saturday, September 16th—Community Service * Kid’s Day at Big Country Speedway

There were 14 Moose members in attendance: Perry Kinard, Kathy Julius, Bill Wallis, Mike & Vera Lightfoot, Willie Baldwin, Rob Darling, Karen Hughes, Mike Hughes, Barb Hoffman, Becky Whiting, Steve Voser, Liz Breazeale and Randy Tabor— If I missed anyone please accept my apology.

Thank you to everyone who brought in salads and deserts and every- one who came out to support the lodge. Thank you everyone who attended to make this a success!

Rob Darling ran the EZ Child ID and we did have a few kids—Sorry, I forgot to get a picture! Thanks for a great job Rob.

The kids got a chance to ride in a race car! They were lined up at the gate!

Bill Wallis took a 1st place trophy - Handed to him by Mike Lightfoot and Willie Baldwin - Mike Hughes, Flagman

Lightfoot’s 1997 BMW Z3 was the Trophy Car!

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