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Sr Regent Message - September 2019

Dear Co-Workers,

Welcome September!

Fall will soon be upon us. As I write this letter, it’s still very warm out and I’m holding out hope for some extra summer days.

Thought I would go over some basic information this month.

The Women of the Moose were formally recognized in 1913 as the Fraternity’s official female component. Our Chapter meets twice monthly on the first and third Thursday at 5:30 p.m. to conduct business and enjoy each other’s company. During our meetings, you will be invited to join with us as we bow our heads and fold our arms to give thanks to our Lord through prayer and pledge allegiance to our flag. At each gathering, we accept monetary donations in support of our twin cities, Mooseheart and Moosehaven.

The official emblem of the Women of the Moose is a heart with a triangle in the center. In the center of the triangle is a gold standing moose. On the points of the triangle are the letters F, H, C, which stand for Faith, Hope and Charity. These are the three great principles that our members live by.

We have faith in our principles and have made the commitment to serve children and senior members in need. Our Twin Cities, Mooseheart and Moosehaven are our number one concern. Mooseheart Child City and School was dedicated in July 1913. Our beautiful campus is located 38 miles west of Chicago. Our Child City is a home for children in need, from infancy through High School. Moosehaven, known as the "City of Contentment," is located on a wide expanse of the St. Johns River in Orange Park, Florida. The campus has been home to senior members since 1922. Through generosity and volunteerism, Moose members give hope to our children and our senior members.

Hope to see you around the lodge!



Cheryl Timm

Senior Regent

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