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Sr Regent Message - June 2019

Dear Co-Workers,

Welcome, June and hopefully summertime! Check your calendar for activities this month, we have a lot of meals planned!

During the 2019 Midyear Conference of the Wyoming Moose Association, the Loyal Order of the Moose unanimously approved moving forward with a program, inviting Chapters within the Moose Association to join them in their objective to:

* Aid and promote the purposes of the Loyal Order of the Moose; * Build membership strength in the Order; * Stimulate participation in Community Service Programs; * Adopt programs and projects for the betterment of Mooseheart and Moosehaven, to include the building of the Endowment Fund for the support of these institutions; * Coordinate programs and directives of Moose International, Inc. and the Supreme Lodge.

This is relatively new within the Moose Fraternity and is a very exciting opportunity.

In accordance with the procedures established by Moose International and the Women of the Moose, all chapter within the Wyoming Moose Association is required to call a special meeting of their membership to determine if the Chapter is willing to become a part of this program and join the Association.

Cheyenne Chapter #1133 will be mailing out flyers soon to notify all co-workers of our special meeting scheduled for June 13, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. at the Cheyenne Moose Lodge. If the vote is successful, Women of the Moose Chapter would receive the same support and service from the Association that Lodges do. This includes, but is not limited to new member campaigns, training, Chapter visitations and operations assistance from Moose Association officers and chairs. It would also allow our co-workers to have a voice in the decision of the Wyoming-Western Nebraska Association and we would be allowed to serve as Association Chairman District Presidents, and the elected Association Officers.

I hope each and every one you will attend the meeting and have your voice heard. If you have any questions, please speak to an officer of our Chapter.

Have a safe and happy June and hope to see you around the Lodge. As always, if you have ideas, want to volunteer or just have a chat, I am always available.

Cheryl Timm

-Senior Regent

Senior Regent

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