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Governors Message - July 2018

Hello to all!

I want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe summer! Please make the time to take a few extra minutes and steps for checking out the safety equipment on your vehicles, campers, boats and ATVs. Just a couple minutes can make the difference in ensuring that everyone has a safe return.

With the warm weather in mind, and everyone wanting to spend time out- doors, I ask you to please continue to support the Lodge and our dinners and breakfasts. I would also like to take this time to thank all of our volunteers who make these dinners and breakfasts possible. We couldn’t do it without you and you taking time out of your busy lives to keep the Lodge going. If anyone would like be a volunteer, please step up. The same small group of volunteers we have would appreciate the help of more people.

I am looking forward to the upcoming year, and will be doing my best to continue making the Lodge a success and a great organization to belong to.

Thanks, and again, I hope everyone enjoys their summer!

Scott Simko


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