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Governors Message - November 2019

William Stackhouse

Brothers and Sisters;

November is finally here, Time for the holiday season to start. With that in mind the Women will be having their Thanksgiving lunch on the 24th starting at 1300 to 1500. Hopefully I will see everyone there.

Congratulations to Margaret Chavez on winning our NASCAR package. Also, congratulations to Mel for winning the Queen of Hearts last month.

We are moving our meeting from the 28th to the 25th, reason being the 28th is Thanksgiving.

On October 7th we had our open meeting and the remodel to the kids’ room was approved, work has already started. If anyone would like to donate to help build the kids room, like sheetrock, insulation, or money. Please get with Shawn or Dean.

Dean, our administrator will be going in for surgery, During his absence, if you need anything from the office contact either Randy, myself or Shawn Timm.


William “Willie” Stackhouse Governor

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