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Governors Message - April 2018

Brothers and sisters,

April is here and next month a new board of officers will be installed. The group of guys I had the privilege to be on the board with was outstanding, and had nothing but the best interest of the moose on their minds.

This year saw a lot of changes, some of the ideas that got discussed got accomplished and some didn’t. Some were for financial reasons and some were for the up keep of the lodge. I can’t stress enough how important it is to a end as many meetttings as you can. The men hold two mee ngs a month to help accommodate different schedules.

The members are the ones to say yes or no to the ideas that the board brings to the floor for vote. Without membership participation it is left up to the board to make those decisions.

The men’s meetings are held on the second

and fourth Thursday of every month. So please get involved with the future of our club.

I want to take this me to thank Cheryl Timm for keeping the line of communication open between the LOOM and WOTM boards. You did a great job and I thank you.

I want to put this out to all of our members, if you have children or grandchildren under the age of 16 and you would like us to post their birthdays on the calendar, get a hold of a board member before the second Tuesday of each month so that we can be sure it will be posted. Our kids are the future of this lodge.

Speaking of the newsletter, Kelli, you have done a terrifc job with that. Thank you for the me you have spent on it, some mes two or three mes to make sure it is right, and to Terri Moye for helping print it out each month.

Thank you to Randy for keeping the bar going and not running out of Miller Lite too often. To the bartenders who have done an out- standing job, thank you.

And to all the volunteers who have helped cook a meal, paint whatever needed painted, fixed a leaky faucet or anything else that needed to be done, you members are the backbone of the lodge. A HUGE, HUGE thank you to all of you!!

Let me leave you with this:

Great Minds Discuss Ideas

Average Minds Discuss Events

Small Minds Discuss People

It has been my privilege to be your governor.

Your humble governor Ben Adkison

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