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Governors Message - February 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

February is upon us. Monday meals are back up and running thanks to great volunteers who step up and make sure there is something available to our members.

We had our special meeting to discuss purchasing a digital sign for the outside to let people who drive by know what is happening at our lodge. A lot of good discussion was had and in the end it was voted favorably to purchase the digital board. Thank you to the members who were in attendance to help with that decision. The Board’s function on is to bring ideas like this and member’s ideas to the floor meeting to be voted on by the membership. The final decision is up to the members, not the board. I encourage members to go to the meetings because you have the power to vote in or vote out ideas that the Board brings to the floor meeting for a vote.

When a door closes a new door opens. Bruce Helberg is stepping down as administrator to pursue an opportunity that he told me “was too good to turn down”. I want to take this opportunity to personally say thank you Bruce, thank you for your dedication to the moose. The long hours and the work that goes on behind the scenes, goes unnoticed a lot of times. Your presence as administrator will be greatly missed. I wish you and Kimy the best of luck in the opportunity that lies ahead. And with that a new door opens. Mike Hughes has been selected as the new Moose Lodge Administrator. I look forward to working with Mike and hearing his ideas. His enthusiasm and dedication is going to be a great asset for the moose. Welcome aboard Mike.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the election of officers. Nominations for new board members will be starting before you know it. If you are interested in helping the lodge by volunteering to serve as an officer speak with one of the current board members for information or questions.

Stay warm and support your lodge. Your humble Governor, Ben Adkison

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