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Governors Message - November 2017

Brothers and Sisters

Cheyenne Moose Lodge

We are into the Holiday season. It is crazy how time flies. I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving

and hope the time spent with your families is beyond special.

Last month the board of officers had to come to a tough decision to stop printing and mailing the newsletter. From here on out, the newsletter will be made available in electronic format. This will save the lodge a considerable amount of money. A memo has been inserted into the newsletter explaining our decision.

Now I know with change comes a learning process. A process of tweaking and making the electronic process as good as it can be. Please be open minded to the change and as always if you have any suggestion on how to better the electronic process, the board is all ears. Come to us with solutions not complaints!

This has been said over and over and over and I hate beating a dead horse to death, but we need volunteers. We need volunteers for Taco night on two Mondays a month and a grill person on the second Wednesday burger night a month. Moose lodges around our fraternity were built on the foundation of volunteering. The board can’t do it all.

Your humble Governor

Ben Adkison

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