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Sr Regent Message - October 2017

Hello Everyone,

Well, October is upon us and I suppose so is the cold weather. I’m not looking forward to the cold and

Vera Lightfoot

snow, but it’s something we all have to live with.

Anyway, September was a good month for the Lodge. We had a great many good things

going on and everyone involved seemed to have a great time. Look at the “Moose Hap- penings” page and see all the great pictures!

I would like to, once again, thank all the volunteers for their hard work. Remember, without them, we couldn’t keep things going! Thank you again. Here’s a little thought for you:

“The reason volunteers aren’t paid is not because they’re worthless, but because they are PRICE- LESS!”

I would like to congratulate Mel Darby for being chosen as Woman of the Moose for the Month for August and Shirley Adkison for being chosen as Woman of the Moose for the Month for September.

That’s why we are asking everyone not to park in the first two spots along the fence. These are clearly marked LOOM of the Month and WOTM of the month. Shirley will have this spot until the first meeting in October when we will announce the October volunteer of the month. Please be courteous and don’t park in these spots. Thank you!

Please check the calendar and come out and join us for the meals and all the fun!

A little something to leave you with:

I’M A NEW MEMBER I see you at the meeting; but you never say hello. You’re busy all the time you’re there with those you already know. I sit among the members and yet I’m lonesome guy or gal The new ones are as strange as I, but you old members pass me by. But darn it, you folks ask me in, and talked of fellowship, You could just step across the room but you never make the trip. Why can’t you nod and say hello or stop and shake my hand; Then go and sit among your friends now that I’d understand. I’ll be at your next meeting perhaps a nice time to spend. Do you think you could introduce yourself?? I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND.

Thank you,

Vera Lightfoot

Sr. Regent, Chapter #1133

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