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Governors Message - October 2017

Hello Brothers and Sisters

Is this really October? Where did the summer go? As you all can see the lodge got a new coat of paint. I

Ben Adkison

want to take this time to thank Bruce Helberg, Willie Baldwin, Dave Adkison and Brian Clark. Volunteers at their finest!

Moose International has a grant program to help lodges with upgrades and maintenance repairs that some lodges desperately are in need of. I am pleased to inform our members that Moose Lodge 257 was awarded some of that grant money thanks to Bruce, our Administrator, for completing and submitting the necessary paperwork. We are checking into purchasing and installing a digital sign outside to help us get noticed and let the general public know what is happening in our lodge.

If you hadn’t noticed, we had three new HVAC units installed last month. This was another upgrade that was necessary for our lodge. We can now cool and heat the WHOLE building. That was a pricey endeavor, but very much needed.

Football season is upon us. Come on down to the lodge and enjoy a nice adult beverage while watching the game on one of our 4 flat screen TV’s.

Another thing I would like to talk about is our designated parking spots for those members of the LOOM and WOTM who have been recognized as outstanding volunteers, or members that have gone above and beyond. There will be one LOOM and WOTM member selected each month. Please be courteous and do not park in those spaces. The LOOM Board is making strides in trying to recognize our outstanding members, and having the first two parking spaces is just a way for us to say thank you to those individuals.

Dart leagues and pool leagues are in full swing. Show these people that we are the friendliest place in town. I put a challenge out to all our members and ask that you watch this 5:00 minute video that the General Director has created. It made me look at myself and how I can have an effect on new people coming into our lodge.

Until next month

Your humble Governor

Ben Adkison

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