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Pontiac’s Retirement Party

Pontiac’s Retirement Party - Saturday, August 5th -

Hi, I’m Dale Kidd and here’s the story of Pontiac, my service dog. Pontiac, a Yellow Labrador Retriever was born on January 7, 2006. His parents are Eric, a cinnamon colored Labrador Retriever known as “Eric the Red” and his mother is a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Karla.

We were matched on August 11, 2007. Our training took place in Boring, OR where we graduated together after successfully completing our training on August 26, 2007. We lived in Rawlins, WY upon our return and then moved to Laramie, WY in January 2013 and Laramie has been our residence since. Pontiac will officially retire on August 11, 2017 and he will be adopted by Jessica Jo Spiegelberg, a Realtor with Laramie Land Company. Jessica, myself and Pontiac have been friends for years. I originally met Jessica at the age of eight when she helped here parents, Emory and Karla Spiegelberg during the 1995 Le Grande Fleur. I was one of the returning chefs then and we prepared the dinner for the Ivinson Memorial Hospital annual charity ball.

Story by Vera Lightfoot

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