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Governors Message - September 2017

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

September is upon us and to tell you the truth, I’m not ready for winter. There are projects that we are

still talking about and would like to see get done but with the annual conference that was held in August, that just took up a lot of the officers time.

About the conference, the members who volunteered their time to help out at the sign up desk, the volunteers who help in the kitchen, the volunteers who helped prepare the welcome bags and those that helped prepare the dining room for dinners and lunches and then prepare everything for meetings, THANK YOU, we couldn’t have done it without you!!!!

There has been a lot of talk about the Moose Lodge #257 Facebook page and On Edge Promotions. I hope I can put some of the concerns to rest. I know everyone won’t agree, but I hope you will have a better understanding.

First of all OUR Facebook page is just that, a page. Not a group and there is a difference. Amanda was kind enough to send me an explanation clarifying the difference:

A Facebook Page

Designed to act more like a personal profile for businesses, public figures, and organizations, a Facebook page is basically a place to create an authentic representation of what you’re about. It’s very similar to a basic profile in structure and function, but the intent is for the actual page to become the entity rather than the person behind a profile. For instance, your brand is what’s known by its page – e.g. the Coca-Cola brand and its page and promotions and fans, not the CEO of the company and its followers.

Connecting with a page allows a user to closely follow the brand. Pages are also verified for authenticity and can help a brand develop a deeper level of trust.

A Facebook Group

Pages act as profiles for entities, while groups act more like places for like-minded communication. People who share common interests and want to express their opinions in a safe forum will either join or become part of a group for these purposes. Charities, organizations, people with the same objectives, etc, all find groups very useful.

Think about the differences in respect to famous people. Garth Brooks would have had a Facebook page, whereas people who want to start a fan club would have belonged to a group – a conglomeration of members. Both send updates to News Feeds and can be used by businesses, but they’re quite different.

Of course, it’s not either-or here. You can always create a page and create and/or belong to a group. Your options aren’t limited in this respect. Just know that they’re different; so if you want to go the group route, that’s not a page, and vice versa.

I want to thank Amanda for the job she is doing. Her On Edge Promotions allows for not only members of OUR Facebook page to see upcoming events, but also those that are connected through On Edge Promotions Viewership. Therefore, people who aren’t members get to see what we are doing in our lodge, which could lead to new members. I hope this helps.

Until next month, have fun in the sun because snow is around the corner : )

Your Humble Governor

Ben Adkison

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