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Andrea Goodman To Perform Cheyenne Day Concert at Cheyenne Moose Lodge

Join us on Cheyenne Day, July 26th at 7pm for a free concert by Andrea Goodman!

Andrea began her music career in Bowling Green, KY where she played acoustic shows and provided a fun weekend atmosphere. She also led praise and worship at By the Mark Ministries and sang the national anthem for the WKU Hilltoppers and the Bowling Green Hot Rods. Andrea made the move to Music City in 2014 where she began putting her stories into song. She has been fortunate enough to open for the band Blackhawk close to her hometown in 2015. She performs at various local venues in Nashville such as Belcourt Taps where she shares her original songs along with covers. Andrea hopes to touch the souls of her fans on an international level, with her unique style and personal lyrics. With inspirations from a variation of different genres, including Country, Americana, Folk, Classic Rock, Blues, and Gospel. When asked why she is “pursuing” music? She replied, "My goal is to take my songs and transform them into strong lyrics with melodies that people across the world can relate to. Anything in addition to that is simply icing on the cake.".

Cheyenne Moose Lodge

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