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Coworkers Earn Their Academy Of Friendship

While attending Mid Winter Conference WOTM #1133 coworkers receive their Academy Of Friendship.

Cheyenne Moose Lodge

From left to right: Lana Hendricks, Gina Lujan, Mary Hunt, Cheryl Trimm, Kimy Helberg

Cheyenne Moose Lodge

The "Academy of Friendship" is the first degree in the Women of the Moose. Co-workers in good standing earn this degree by being installed as a chair of a committee, or an appointed or elected office before January 31st and serve in the same capacity until the end of the Chapter year. She must also have a fundraiser and sponsor 2 new members into her Chapter. If installed after January 31st, or not installed into any position, a co-worker must sponsor five (5) new or re-enrolled members. In addition, the chapter must earn the "Award of Achievement." Once the requirements are met and verified by Moose International, a call card will be sent. The Academy of Friendship Conferral Ceremony is held in February at the state Mid-year Conference. A co-worker is not credited with this award until she is invested in the proper ceremony. Co-workers are now able to also be invested at International Conference. Members of the Academy of Friendship wear the light blue jacket.


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