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2019 Board of Officers Installation

Cheyenne Moose Lodge 257

On April 28th, 2019 the new Board of Officers were installed for both LOOM as well as WOTM.

Your new Board are as follows:


Governor - William Stackhouse

Junior Governor - Robert Pate

Treasurer - Shawn Timm

Prelate - Nathan Blea

Trustee I - Jim Powers

Trustee II - Terrence McDonnell

Trustee III - Robert Rood

Junior Past Governor -

Administrator - Dean Straub


Senior Regent - Cheryl Timm

Junior Regent - Gina Lujan

Junior Graduate Regent - Laura Pate

Secretary/Treasurer - Lana Hendricks

Recorder - Heather Kauffman

Activities/Sports - Melody Darby

Higher Degrees - Kelli Adkison

Guide - Clara Fisher Todd

Application Review Committee - Glenda Straub

Community Service - Terri Moye

Membership/Retention - Shirley Adkison

Mooseheart/Moosehaven - Linda Landon

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