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First Responders Program

Now through April 29, 2017, with the option of extending the program through December 31st , 2017 if it proves to be successful in attracting this demographic.

Members of the military and first responders have always been individuals who have gravitated towards the Moose, often providing effective leadership for our lodges and chapters. In almost every case, they are solid members of their communities and productive members of the fraternal unit in which they belong. This program focuses on these two groups and offers a significant cost savings for new individuals who may be interested and asked to join the Moose.


Moose International will waive all fees and dues for a new or re-enrolled member as a pilot program endorsed by the Supreme Council and Grand Council. Men and women of the military (active) and first responders could join at no cost

As part of the program, the Moose Legion Council is also waiving all international dues and fees for any current active military or first responder, as well as all new members of these groups who qualify during the proposed time frame.

Who Is Included?

Active Duty Military:

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Active Reservist

First Responders: Law Enforcement, Firefighters (full-time and volunteer), Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians

Not included at this time: Veterans, doctors, nurses, National Guard, Moose multi-members

Moose Lodge Cheyenne

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