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Message From Your Governor- January 2017


Happy New Year

Cheyenne Moose Lodge

New Year’s Eve party on 12/31/16. Please contact the social quarter stewards for details.

With the onset of winter, we have very few extra activities for the month of January

Also, this month we should have our full complement of meals

Please check the calendar for all scheduled activities for the month

Some of you have specifically asked about Karaoke in the lodge again – Certainly something worthwhile and would like to start up again next month (maybe sneak on day in this month as well somehow)

Again, thanks to all our volunteers and the wonderful job they do.

Thanks to our paid staff for the excellent job they all do

Thank you, veterans, and active military for your service and sacrifice

Thank you, members, for your support, your inputs/suggestions, and your membership.

A lodge for the members, of the members, and by the members.

I closing, this month I am a little challenged on things to say – so that’s all folks

To be continued…………………


CJ McCutchen


Moose Lodge 257


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