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Message From Your Governor- December 2016


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It would appear that we have made it through another year, Although, sadly, we lost a few of members (men and women) along this year’s journey.

There are a number of activities scheduled for the month of December and I would encourage you to visit the calendar. We will be closing at 6:00 pm on Christmas Eve and be closed, as has been customary, on Christmas Day.

Christmas dinner will be provided on Sunday 12/18.

The Moose Legion Christmas party will be Saturday 12/10 – from 4-7pm All Moose Legion 99 members and a quest are invited to attend.

The Children’s Christmas party is Sunday 12/17 from 1-3pm

Also this month we should have our full complement of meals and activities.

In addition, we have a member who will be offering, for a nominal fee, 8 weeks of country dance lessons beginning the first Tuesday in December from 7:00pm to 8:30 pm in the dining hall.

Finally will be selling advance tickets for the 12/31 New Years eve party. Advanced tickets must be purchased by close of lodge on 12/23. There will be tickets available at the door on New Year’s Eve but will be more expensive.

I would like to address a topic that a few members have recently discussed with me. We seem to have forgotten what being a Moose member, and our lodge, is all about. Yes we are a family oriented organization, yes we are a social club, yes we believe in and like to have a good time. However, we are not the local pub. We, as Moose members, represent something much more significant and larger than that. Something I feel we have all, at times, forgotten (myself included).

The following statement, direct from the MI website, sums it up fairly well:

Our Purpose

We exist to provide the necessary resources for the continued support and maintenance of the Mooseheart Child City & School and the Moosehaven retirement community. Be a hero. Support our mission.

And for those who were not aware, here is a little history:

About Moose

You may have heard the saying, “A burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many.” This is at the core of the Moose organization and what makes us unique in our Lodges, local communities and charitable “cities” that we support. Our roots can be traced to 1888 and the founder of the Moose, Dr. Henry Wilson, who successfully established the first Lodge in Louisville, Kentucky. In the early years, the Moose was to serve a modest goal of offering men an opportunity to gather socially, to care for one another’s needs and celebrate life together.

Since those early years, our fraternal organization rapidly expanded to include valuable service to our communities, care for children and teens in need at Mooseheart Child City & School , a 1,000-acre

campus, located 40 miles west of Chicago and care for our senior members at Moosehaven, a 70-acre retirement community near Jacksonville, Florida.

With a combined membership of over 1,000,000 members, our presence is felt in over 1,500 communities across all 50 states and four Canadian provinces, plus Great Britain and Bermuda.The Moose organization contributes between $75 to $100 million worth of community service (counting monetary donations, volunteer hours worked and miles driven) annually. In addition to Mooseheart and Moosehaven, the Moose fraternity’s Heart of the Community effort is multifaceted with internally developed programs like Tommy Moose. Tommy Moose aids in helping children overcome fears and anxiety during times of stress. Donated to law enforcement, fire fighters and other emergency workers, Tommy Moose plush dolls are presented to children in various traumatic situations. The external focus of our service is directed towards many worthwhile national charities, a few of which are: Special Olympics North America, Salvation Army, Safe Surfin’USA Foundation, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, and St. Jude.In our local Lodges, you will find a wide array of activities to participate in both as an individual and as a family. From holiday parties, dances, sports, themed dinners and live entertainment, the Moose has much to offer. Membership can mean different things to different people. You are the one determining what you want to get out of the organization, and what you want to give back.The Moose is about celebrating life together, serving those in need within our local community, supporting our children at Mooseheart and standing by our senior members at Moosehaven.

Also, after receiving several suggestions, beginning this month, when possible, we will be taking time to perform the 9:00 ritual. This is something that should have always been an ongoing practice since the inception of the lodge. It is not a requirement to be on officer of the lodge to perform the ritual. Any member in good standing has that privilege. To aid in that process, here are the words:

It is now 9 o'clock, and the little children at Mooseheart

kneel by their beds to say their evening prayers.

Let us face towards Mooseheart, bow our heads,

and join them in Silent Prayer. (Bell Tolls 9 Times)

Repeat after me...

Let the little children come to me.

Do not keep them away.

For they are like the kingdom of Heaven.

GOD BLESS Mooseheart!

Again thank you all the volunteers and the wonderful job they do. Thank all the members, both new and tenured, for being members.

Thank you veterans and active military

Thank you members for your support, your inputs/suggestions, and your membership.

A lodge for the members, of the members, and by the members.

But before I close I would like to share the following:


There’s a still in the air

For the birth of a child

The star’s shining brightly

And the winter air’s mild

There’s a glow of radiance

That beams from his face

His royalty abounds

In this common man’s place

Here lies the Christ Child

Of whom prophesiers write

Born to the world

On this mid-winter’s night

Asleep in the manger

The Christ Child does rest

Virgin Mary and Joseph

They truly were blest

In swaddling clothes wrapped

The Christ Child does sleep

Amidst the lowing of cattle

And the gentle bleating of sheep

From the hills came the shepherds

Who were tending their sheep

To gaze at the baby

As yet fast asleep

Came kings from all nations

To witness the sight

That the Christ Child was born

In Bethlehem, this night

Journeyed wise-men together

The star all did chase

For here was God’s word

Fulfilled in this place

All offered their presents

Sang joy to his birth

Goodwill toward all men

Let there be peace on earth

© cj mccutchen


To be continued…………………


CJ McCutchen


Moose Lodge 257


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