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Moose Raise The Roof

Moose Lodge

The Moose Fraternity has spent the last year Building Our Foundation on and although we are not quite where we want to be, there are encouraging signs. As of February, in every month but one during this campaign year, the men of the Loyal Order of Moose have generated more applicatons than during the same month last year. The Women of the Moose are ahead of last year’s pace by over 1,000 applica ons as well, so we thank each of you who have upheld your promise to grow the Order.

Despite a sizable drop in ac ve members during the rst month of this scal year, reten on e orts by our lodges and chapters have helped narrow that gap substan ally. We draw closer to a gain in membership with each month

of this campaign. As an example, retention efforts by our lodges have closed the de cit by 12,000 active members through the use of calling programs, written communications and the addition of meaningful activities for members.

All of these efforts are needed as we look to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven and the residents on each campus. With a strong membership base, we have been able to fund the school renovation project to the tune of $11.5 million; and now we embark on a campaign to raise $10 million in three years to fund new apartments for our senior residents in Florida. I have not doubt we will accomplish this as well because of the generosity of our membership; but the more members that we have to contribute, the easier it is to reach our goals.

This is why it is the perfect me to “Raise the Roof” on membership, a ng campaign theme in 2016-17 both for the thought of expanding our membership, as well suppor ng our e orts to build a new, more e cient residence facility at Moosehaven. To do so will take the e orts of a more diverse group of members, not just the people who have been suppor ng the Moose for years. This is why we introduced the Moose Rewards Program this past year, with incen ves to encourage new individuals to sponsor members, become fraternal leaders and learn more about the Fraternity.

Results have been great; 370 million points have been awarded for over 700,000 ac vi es that enable our Fraternity to grow, and a number of members have been u lizing their points in ways that will keep the Fraternity strong for years. The two most popular redemp on items-to-date have been contribu ons to Mooseheart and Moosehaven through Moose Chari es, and dues renewals in the lodge, chapter or Moose Legion.

Keep it up Moose members! With momentum and dedica on like this, there is not a roof in the world that can contain us.

—Kurt Wiebe Director of Membership and Chief Marketng Officer

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