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Message From Your Sr. Regent

Lana Hendricks - Senior Regent WOTM Chapter #1133

Dear Co-workers:

April has been a busy month for us. As you know, May 1st started with the new board. I will be your new Sr. Regent, Amanda Jagoditsh will be your new Jr. Regent, Gina Lujan will be Secretary/Treasurer and Cheryl Verplancke will remain as recorder. Kimy Helberg will move to Past Jr. Grad Regent.

I look forward to our new board, and would like to thank last year’s board for everything they have done.

We still need volunteers for the kitchen. If there is any time you can help, please let one of us know.

Make sure and check your calendar for May activities.

Don’t forget to renew your membership when it is due!

A special thanks to Vera for doing our newsletter. She has done a great job on keeping us informed!

Thank you,

Lana Hendricks

Lana Hendricks Sr. Regent, Chapter 1133

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