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Message From Your Governor- March 2017


Happy St Patrick’s Day

Cheyenne Moose Lodge

Please check the calendar for all scheduled activities for the month

We will be offering a new meal on the final Friday of each month beginning this month

Again, thanks to all our volunteers and the wonderful job they do.

Thanks to our Stewards for the excellent job they all do

Again, it is that time of year and we have started taking nominations for 2017-2018 LOOM Board members. Nominating Committee meetings and interviews will be held the evenings of March 2nd @ 6pm. March 16th @ 6pm and March 21st @ 7pm. Confirmation of nominees will be at the floor meeting on Thursday March 23rd @ 7:00pm.

It doesn’t matter if your 21 or 101 please strongly consider putting your name in the hat for ALL board positions. I would like to think we can make accommodation for any one’s work schedule so please don’t let that be a deterrent.

I encourage your next attendance at the general membership floor meeting as we have several topics that need to be discussed and voted on. Remember if only one LOOM member attends a floor meeting then that person is effectively speaking for the entire LOOM membership.

We are desperately trying to determine the best course of action to replace our now defunct boiler that finally decided to give it up a couple of weeks ago,. Unfortunately, that means there may be some cold days in the lodge until we get through the rest of winter so bring your sweater.

It has become necessary to adjust and modify the drink chip system beginning the first of this month. For the details see the Social Quarter Manager or the Administrator. I look forward to your comments.

We again have the NASCAR board up. If it does not fill up, we will make necessary adjustments to accommodate those folks that would like to participate. If you can at all participate PLEASE do so.

As usual we will have several fund raisers occurring through the month. Your support is always welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you, members, for your support, your inputs/suggestions, and your membership.

A lodge for the members, of the members, and by the members.

To be continued…………………


CJ McCutchen


Moose Lodge 257


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