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Jr Regent Attends Moose International Convention 2016

My Takeaway from Moose International Convention 2016

As I set off to Convention in St Louis on July 1, my thoughts were mixed. My work schedule is full yet I am off to spend 5 days doing just what I did not know.

I have attended or been involved with many conventions over the years, from Oil & Gas to pyramid sales organizations, to you name it, I’ve probably been to one or two.

Always coming home with tired feet and extra luggage full of countless plastic giveaways from vendor booths, sales leads, schedules to work on for next year…so forth and so on.

This time though was vastly different!

From the Opening WOTM Meeting to the Closing Joint Session the week was marked with a new understanding of just what Moose is, what it does, who it helps…and why. Mooseheart & Moosehaven. Fostering the growth and development of youth to caring for the elderly. Moose spans generations with its help, support and endless love.

Over the upcoming weeks and months I want to put in place opportunities for our members to learn and understand the Moose Mission. A means for our membership to get involved in whatever capacity they are able. Opportunities to grow and learn in the Moose Family.

I along with all of you are challenged to grow our membership, to encourage member participation and to be ever mindful of our purpose.

So…please stay tuned…


Amanda Jagoditsh

Jr Regent

WOTM Chapter #1133

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