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June Message from your Governor


I am not going to reiterate the contents of the calendar as I believe we are intelligent and responsible people that are capable of performing that function.

Let’s chat instead about being responsible. Every member of the lodge, by virtue of their physical presence has the responsibility to act in a responsible manner rather in the dining hall or the social quarters. After all, the Social Quarters is a privilege, not a right.

Remember, for the most part, almost every person in attendance at the lodge, with some qualified exceptions, is a paid-up member in good standing and has the same right and privilege to be there as you do.

It is a given fact that not everyone, given such a diverse population of members, is going to see eye to eye. However, while in the lodge, it is your responsibility to treat each other with respect. You don’t have to be best friends, or invite them to dinner, but each and every member of this lodge deserves to be treated with respect, and dignity by every other member. Just because someone dresses different, talks different, walks different, acts different, or has a certain attitudinal persona, doesn’t award anyone the right to disrespect that individual. Showing a degree of respect is each and everyone’s responsibility. Who’s to say that someday that “different” person may not in fact be you.

Another topic I feel compelled to address, and was recently reintroduced/reinforced this past weekend at the Quarterly meeting, is a perception that has perpetually percolated for quite some time in the lodge and keeps bubbling to the surface on occasion is that of Board/House Committee responsibility. To reiterate once more, only this time in writing, is that the Moose Administrator is employed by, and takes direction from, the Board of Officers/House committee. It is not to the contrary.

Thank you all for your support, your inputs/suggestions, and your membership. Again as once recently stated, a lodge for the members, of the members, and by the members.

To be continued............

Respectfully, CJ McCutchen

Governor, Lodge #257

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